On high, yes our wild voyagers were, in the lap of Hail Himalayas. A must-experience outing for the adventure seeker, this camping location near Shimla turned out to be a real treat for FATbit folks.   Peep through the pictures to have a look of this adventurous destination.

The sun was high, the perennial water flew by & Yes the Magpie – But, that’s, not all we came by. The green trails had lot more.

Stop 1 : Hail Himalayas starting point

Welcome drinks, checking-in clicks and a leisurely walk begin after finishing three hours’ drive from Chandigarh.

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And the adventurers are hungry. So all set to refill energy for the next stop.

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Stop 2: Adventure Ropes

Our Daredevils prepare to begin the real escapade.

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Stop 3: Instructions time

Fun games and few directions by the mountaineering instructor.

Stop 4: Set to Trek – The posing bug bites for good  

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Be it a fiesta or we wait to begin the hike, clicks work everywhere.

Stop 5: Stroll in the valley – A meditating Experience

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The sounds of flowing water, evolving footsteps, veiled birds fused with the mint all around, turning the solitude into tranquility.

The day long adventure came to end but not the quest, our voyagers say – WHERE NEXT. Stay connected with FATbit to discover new jaunts.

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