Awesome work, insane parties, this is what life means at AblySoft. However, every now and then, we feel like taking a break from the maddening crowd and the urban jungles. This is the time when we look up to the mighty mountains of Himalayas, like, literally. And thus we decided to set on a voyage to Katnalu Creeks, Shimla.

Hail Himalayas Starting Point

Ablysoft Team

After a 3-hour short drive, we were welcomed at The Hail Himalayas Campsite with rinks to quench our thirst and fresh food for the famished. No weren’t tired. Yes, we were excited for the expedition.

As we set foot for the trek, we were welcomed by the relaxing greenery and cheerful Magpie. But before that, we had a very important thing to do; selfies, lots of them!

As Hail Himalayas offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, we found ourselves engaging in the one of our choice. Some participated voluntarily; some took up the challenge, while some did it because it looked fun. Some claimed the obstacle course to be a cakewalk (we knew it wasn’t, let them brag :D) while some exclaimed it to be a nut tougher to crack than they expected.

 Adventure Ropes

AblySoft Hail Himalayas Trip Adventure

Instructions time

And then we were told to gather up by our mountaineering instructor.

Following his instructions diligently (yeah, right), we started trekking in the lush greenery and cool breeze that was quickly turning into cold gusts of wind. Magpies were constantly cheering us as we moved forward.

Set to Trek

AblySoft Team

And then, we found ourselves following the sound of flowing water. Lo and behold, a beautiful waterfall greeted us with its cold water. Somehow, Mother Nature knew how to place stones and boulders for us to sit on.

AblySoft Team

Everyone had a different experience from this little trek, but it was definitely relaxing and rejuvenating for all of us. It was a unanimous verdict.

As we returned to the base to get back to the same old city life, Magpies bid us a melodious farewell, making us want to come again.

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