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Expedition Dome Tent

    “Keep yourself and a hiking buddy nice and content, with the aid of Decathlon and our superb Expedition Dome Tent…”

There are so many amazing sights to behold when camping in the great outdoors, though you will want a place to snuggle up inside once the sun sets. Keep the chill out while you rest then.
This regal tent has a domed top which keeps it airy, cool and idyllic, while also imparting a certain charm. The dome of the tent creates spaciousness which is accentuated by the graciousness of the furnishings. The Eco-friendly materials used throughout provide guilt free indulgence and stylish comfort.

Occupancy: Double
Per Night Charges: 3500/- for two person per night inclusive meals
 GST applicable (Additionally)

Dome Tents are also available on rent for groups